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100+ Intuitive and Mindful Eating Affirmations to Help Combat Negative Self-Talk

Intuitive and Mindful Eating affirmations are a powerful tool to help you improve your relationship with food and body.

Intuitive Eating is a non-diet, weight-neutral approach to nutrition, and using affirmations can help you with the challenges and struggles of starting Intuitive Eating. 

In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of affirmations for Intuitive Eating, I’ll provide over 100 examples of affirmations for Intuitive and Mindful Eating, and offer tips for crafting and incorporating them into your daily routine.

Whether you’re just starting your journey or looking for ways to deepen your practice, these affirmations will provide inspiration and support.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive Eating is an evidence-based, weight-neutral approach to eating that works to heal your relationship with food and body image. 

What does that mean? Instead of a goal of weight loss, Intuitive Eating is about health gain. 

Weight loss diets use restrictions and rules to change your body into something “better” and are typically driven by self-loathing and shame. 

In contrast, Intuitive Eating is about tuning into your body’s internal wisdom to honor, nourish, and respect your body and is driven by self-compassion and values.

What are Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful tool to combat negative self-talk and cultivate a more positive mindset.

Affirmations are statements or phrases that help to reprogram your subconscious mind. With consistent use, affirmations can help you overcome self-doubt and negative thinking.

Contrary to popular belief, affirmations are not about striving for perfection or bringing impossible tasks to fruition but rather recognizing and celebrating your strengths and values.

They can improve your sense of self-worth to help you cope with challenging situations. 

When you use affirmations, you’re essentially encouraging yourself and affirming your values. This allows you to cultivate a stronger sense of self, helping you navigate life’s challenges with more ease and resilience.

How Affirmations Work

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Henry Ford

Henry Ford’s quote perfectly summarizes the influence that our thoughts can have on our lives.

Our thoughts are extremely powerful and can influence how we feel and how we act. Our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are all interconnected. 

When you have negative thoughts, you’re more likely to engage in behaviors that validate them. This creates a cycle that reinforces your negative thoughts and beliefs even further.

A significant portion of the self-talk we engage in tends to be negative. Humans tend to have a bias toward negative thoughts (1).

Sometimes, the negative self-talk and beliefs that we harbor can become so deeply ingrained that we’re not even conscious of their presence. These thoughts can even act as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Affirmations have the power to change those thoughts. By using positive affirmations, we can reprogram our brains and break free from negative thought patterns.

Why are Affirmations Important for Intuitive Eating

Affirmations are important for Intuitive Eating because they can help you overcome negative thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back from Intuitive Eating. 

Our thoughts have a strong influence on our lives. Crafting affirmations can help you challenge those thoughts and create more positive or neutral ones instead to help you develop a positive relationship with food and your body. 

Intuitive Eating Affirmations 

To help you on your Intuitive Eating journey, I’ve created a collection of affirmations for each principle of Intuitive Eating. 

These affirmations will help you cultivate self-compassion, support body neutrality, reject harmful diet culture messages, make peace with food, and develop connection and internal awareness with your body.

Affirmations for Intuitive Eating Principle 1: Reject the Diet Mentality 

  1. I will not sacrifice my well-being to shrink my body.
  2. My worth is not determined by my appearance or my body size.
  3. I am enough exactly as I am.
  4. I will not compare myself to others or strive for an unrealistic body ideal.
  5. I will embrace the journey of intuitive eating, trusting that it will lead me to a healthy and fulfilling relationship with food and my body.
  6. I am breaking free from the diet culture and embracing my own unique path to health and well-being.
  7. The number on the scale doesn’t determine my value.
  8. I am worthy and deserving of respect, dignity, and care, regardless of my size, health, or shape.
  9. I am breaking free from the false notion that losing weight will make me feel better about my body.
  10. I am choosing to focus on my health and well-being rather than striving for a specific body size or shape.

Affirmations for Intuitive Eating Principle 2: Honor Your Hunger 

  1. It’s normal and acceptable to eat for reasons other than true hunger, and I will not feel guilty about it.
  2. I am learning to become aware of the sensations of hunger in my body, and I will respond accordingly.
  3. I will not ignore or suppress my hunger.
  4. I will allow myself to eat when I am truly hungry.
  5. I do not need to earn my food. 
  6. I reject the notion that hunger is a bad thing.
  7. I can trust my body’s hunger cues.
  8. I am committing to nourishing my body and honoring its hunger cues, even if it means breaking from my usual eating pattern.
  9. It’s okay that I don’t immediately feel my hunger cues after years of tuning them out. They will come back with practice. 
  10.  I am capable and worthy of reconnecting with my body’s hunger cues and trusting my body’s signals.

Affirmations for Intuitive Eating Principle 3: Make Peace with Food 

  1. I am giving myself unconditional permission to eat all foods.
  2. I am breaking free from the cycle of restriction and binge eating by making peace with all foods.
  3. I will treat all foods in a neutral way.
  4. I am embracing the idea that all foods can fit into a balanced and nutritious diet.
  5. I am committed to breaking free from the diet culture and making peace with food, no matter how hard it may be.
  6. I am practicing patience and self-compassion as I work towards making peace with food.
  7. I reject the notion that certain foods are “good” or “bad.”
  8. I am committed to treating all foods as neutral, and I am embracing a flexible, non-restrictive approach to nutrition.
  9. I will not restrict or limit certain foods or food groups.
  10. I will allow myself to enjoy all food without guilt or shame.

Affirmations for Intuitive Eating Principle 4: Challenge the Food Police 

  1. I am breaking free from the harmful thoughts and voices of the food police.
  2. I will not let food rules dictate my food choices.
  3. I am learning to recognize and challenge negative thoughts about food and body.
  4. I am letting go of guilt and shame around food. 
  5. I will no longer use food as a form of punishment or reward.
  6. I am learning to be kind and compassionate towards myself, even when I make food choices that don’t align with my inner critic.
  7. I am committed to reprogramming my brain by challenging the food police’s messages.
  8. I am practicing patience and self-compassion as I work on challenging my negative thoughts.
  9. I will enjoy dinner with my family without guilt, and I will focus on being present rather than worrying about food.
  10. I recognize that my thoughts are not always the truth.

Affirmations for Intuitive Eating Principle 5: Discover the Satisfaction Factor 

  1. It’s okay for me to find satisfaction and joy in eating good food. 
  2. I am tuning into my food preferences rather than focusing solely on nutrition.
  3. I am learning to savor the taste, texture, and aroma of food and find true enjoyment in my eating experiences.
  4. I am embracing the joy and pleasure that eating brings.
  5. I will explore different foods, cuisines, and cooking styles to find new preferences.
  6. I understand that food serves more purpose than just providing my body with energy and nutrients. 
  7. I am embracing the social experience of eating with others and finding joy in sharing meals with loved ones.
  8. I am connecting with my cultural heritage and finding satisfaction in traditional family recipes.
  9. I am becoming an intuitive eater and finding a more satisfying and enjoyable relationship with food.
  10.  I am breaking free from the cycle of restriction and dissatisfaction with my meals and finding true enjoyment in food.

Affirmations for Intuitive Eating Principle 6: Feel Your Fullness 

  1. Eating until the absence of hunger is not enough, I will honor and respect my fullness without guilt.
  2. I do not have to avoid feeling full. Fullness is not a bad thing. 
  3. I trust my body to tell me when I have had enough to eat.
  4. I enjoy my meals without judgment, including when I eat past comfortable fullness.
  5. I will listen to my body’s signals of fullness and honor them.
  6. I practice mindfulness while eating to tune into my fullness cues.
  7. I prioritize nourishment over restriction.
  8. My fullness level varies, and that’s okay.
  9. I choose to nourish my body with adequate portions, directed by my fullness signals, not portions.
  10.  It’s okay to feel full, and embracing fullness is a step towards a more satisfying and nourishing eating experience.

Affirmations for Intuitive Eating Principle 7: Cope with Your Emotions with Kindness 

  1. I will not feel guilty about eating for comfort. It’s part of a normal eating pattern.
  2. I am capable of finding alternative coping strategies for my emotions.
  3. Emotions are a necessary part of life, not something that needs to be avoided and numbed all the time. 
  4. I can have a healthy relationship with food and emotions.
  5. I will take care of my mental well-being just as much as my physical well-being.
  6. I am capable of identifying my emotions and understanding my needs.
  7. I am deserving of emotional and overall well-being.
  8. I hold space for my emotions with openness, curiosity, and compassion.
  9. I will nourish my body with enough food so I don’t feel irritable and impatient.
  10. I will pause and check in with myself when reaching for food, allowing me to reflect and make a mindful choice about what my body needs.

Affirmations for Intuitive Eating Principle 8: Respect Your Body 

  1. No matter how I feel about my body, I will treat it with care and respect by meeting its needs.
  2. I am worthy and deserving of love and respect, no matter my appearance.
  3. I appreciate all that my body can do and acknowledge its strengths.
  4. I am learning to accept and accommodate my body’s limitations.
  5. My body is unique and deserves to be celebrated for its differences.
  6. My relationship with my body and food is a work in progress, and that’s okay.
  7. I choose to limit my exposure to fatphobia and cultural appearance ideals and focus on self-compassion and body acceptance instead.
  8. I am so much more than my appearance. My worth doesn’t come from my body size or how I look.
  9. I am grateful for the resiliency of my body.
  10. Body diversity exists, and it’s a good thing. I don’t need to conform to society’s limited appearance ideal.

Affirmations for Intuitive Eating Principle 9: Movement – Feel the Difference 

  1. I embrace movement as a way to care for myself, not a way of changing my body.
  2. I am learning to listen to my body’s needs and finding movement that brings me happiness.
  3. I will not use exercise as not a punishment for overeating. 
  4. Rest is important. I don’t need to feel guilty for resting my body.
  5. I will fuel my body properly before exercise to enhance my performance and enjoyment.
  6. I am focusing on the health and lifestyle benefits of exercise.
  7. I will embrace different forms of movement and find what works best for me.
  8. I am moving my body because it feels good, not because I feel like I have to.
  9. I trust my body to guide me toward the balance of movement and rest that is best for me. 
  10.  By honoring my needs, I am creating a sustainable and enjoyable relationship with exercise.

Affirmations for Intuitive Eating Principle 10: Honor Your Health with Gentle Nutrition

  1. I choose to nourish my body with a variety of nutrient-dense foods that make me feel my best.
  2. I listen to my body and trust it to guide me toward the foods that will give me the energy and nutrients I need.
  3. Food can taste good AND make me feel good.
  4. I appreciate the role that food plays in my life beyond just providing energy and nutrients.
  5. I embrace the idea that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and honor my own unique needs and preferences.
  6. I am mindful of the line between incorporating gentle nutrition and turning it into a strict rule or diet.
  7. I let go of the belief that certain foods are “good” or “bad” and instead focus on finding balance and variety in my eating patterns.
  8. I understand that incorporating gentle nutrition is about adding in nutrient-dense foods rather than taking out foods.
  9. I respect my body by making choices that align with my values and help me feel my best, both physically and mentally.
  10. I can make nutritious foods more satisfying and enjoyable to eat without feeling guilty.

Mindful Eating Affirmations 

  1. I am grateful for the nourishment my food provides for my body and mind.
  2. I choose to listen to my body’s needs instead of external influences or expectations.
  3. I listen to my body’s hunger and fullness signals, allowing them to guide my eating habits.
  4. I view food as a source of nourishment and energy, not a source of punishment or reward.
  5. I savor each bite and fully enjoy the flavors and textures of my food.

Write Your Own Intuitive and Mindful Eating Affirmations

I hope some of these affirmations I’ve shared resonate with you! 

These affirmations are a great starting point, but the more impactful affirmations are the ones you write yourself to reflect your own needs and challenges. 

Here are some helpful tips for coming up with your own affirmations

  1. Identify Negative Thoughts.

Start by making a list of all your unhelpful or negative thoughts about eating or body image. Are there any trends or patterns? These thoughts can serve as the basis for your affirmations.

  1. Use “I” Statements.

When writing your affirmations, use “I” statements such as “I am,” “I will,” or “I trust.”

  1. Make Them Resonate.

Make sure that the affirmations resonate with you and align with your values. 

  1. Use Neutral Statements.

If positive statements feel too challenging, start with neutral statements that are easier to believe.

  1. Write Them Before Tough Moments.

Write down your affirmations before tough moments, as it can be hard to come up with them in the heat of the moment. 

  1. Update your Affirmations as Needed. 

Regularly reassess and adjust your affirmations to reflect your current challenges and growth. Your needs and perspective will likely change over time. 

  1. Don’t Overthink It

Writing and using affirmations can feel intimidating at first, but don’t stress too much over it. It’s a process that gets easier with practice. It doesn’t have to be perfect. 

How to Use Affirmations in your Intuitive Eating Journey

Now that you’ve come up with some Intuitive Eating affirmations that resonate with you, it’s time to start using them. Here’s how to start incorporating your affirmations:

  1. Make affirmations a habit.

Incorporate affirmations into your daily routine. Choose a time of day when you can dedicate a few minutes to repeating your affirmations. This can be when you wake up, during your morning coffee, or before bed. Tip: saying them in the morning can start your day on a positive note.

  1. Use affirmations before a challenging situation.

If you know you’ll be entering a situation that usually triggers negative thoughts about food or your body, try using affirmations beforehand. 

  1. Repeat them consistently

Consistency is key when it comes to affirmations. They’re not a quick fix. You won’t see changes after one time. It takes time and practice. 

  1. Visualize your affirmation.

As you repeat your affirmation, visualize yourself living out the words. Imagine yourself engaging in Intuitive Eating habits, feeling positive about your body, and enjoying your food without guilt or shame.

  1. Align your behaviors with your affirmations.

Our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings are all interconnected. When your actions reflect your beliefs and values, you reinforce your affirmations and make them more impactful.

Final Thoughts and Next Steps

Affirmations are a powerful tool for cultivating positivity and self-growth. By using them consistently, you can reprogram your mind and develop a more positive relationship with food and your body. 

I hope this post gave you the boost you need to start crafting your own affirmations and using them on your Intuitive Eating journey! 

If you’re interested in learning more about intuitive eating, be sure to check out some of these other blog posts on Intuitive Eating and Body Image. 

If you’re looking for personalized support,  I offer one on one nutrition and intuitive eating counseling services to help you find food freedom. My one-on-one services are tailored to your specific needs and concerns. We work to develop a plan together that will help you achieve your goals and fit into your life. Whether you’re looking to break free from the diet cycle, overcome emotional or binge eating, or stop hating your body, I’m here to help. 

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